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WELCOME! We are pleased that you are visiting "MMG Carriers International" web site. There might be various possible reasons for that. Firstly, you may be in the business of selling new or used cars which you need to be transported safely by a fast and reliable carrier. If this is the case our Company is just what you are looking for. Secondly, you might be a tourist who has a broken down car which requires transportation. In this case we should be able to help you too. Thirdly, you might be a logistics or car rental company looking for a reliable and long-term business partner to enhance your business activities. Fourthly, it is impossible to envisage the international car transportation activities without highly competent and reliable fuel, telecommunications and car parts service providers. We welcome any suggestions you may wish to make. Lastly it is impossible to run our successful business without our experienced professional employees particularly our truck drivers. Hopefully your interest in our fast growing Company will be a step closer towards a successful business partnership.

In the current phase of globalization our relationship can be very diversed especially bearing in mind the car business which is the simbol of mobility and freedom. The world today is constantly changing at a very fast pace when it comes to communicating and collaborating. The pace of global collaboration processes are constantly changing, the world is getting smaller and demand is growing. It is highly unlikely that the latter tendencies are going to change course in the near future. The car today still remains one of the most used ways of travel. Therefore the car manufacturers introduce even more advanced, comfortable and fuel-efficient cars year after year. Moreover, if you ever find yourself anywhere near a car manufacturer there will always be the possibility that you may meet the "MMG Carriers International" car transporters. Our team helps to distribute cars throughout EU countries. The car today very often is not the only transportation tool being used during the journey. It is a very important travelling link between airports and railway stations enabling car rental companies to be a mobility service provider. In fact, the latter companies are using the service of our Company. We can assure anyone who buys a new or used car will be able to have it delivered on time. We seek to ensure that all European citizens who are mobile will be able to keep up with the fast moving pace dictated by globalization.#

Irrespective of all the above-mentioned business relationship circumstances between You and our company We hope that this website will be able to help you to know us better, experience the history of our Company and the direction of our activities and philosophy. Based on this we hope that our collaboration will be productive and fruitful. In addition this website contains useful and important legal and practical information for the drivers of the car transporters. The latter information is based not only on the external sources but also on our own work experience. We hope that you will find this information useful in your daily business activities.

"MMG Carriers International" Team